Tips To Get More $$$ In Real Estate

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Let me make this clear, these are not quick money schemes these are strategies you can apply to the operation of your real estate in order to raise your return over time. These are strategies I’ve used in my rental business managing and operating a rental portfolio. Also this is just my philosophy, everyone has a different method.



Management is key in order to increase your return and make more money in real estate investing. You must have a property manager that can perform or if you decide to manage I suggest you understand how to operate that property to get the maximum return on investment. also in order to make more money you must understand what aspects of the real estate must be improved in what aspect may not be necessary at all improve in performance

Value add

Understanding how you can add value to the property to increase rent or increase the value is also one of the major ways to make money real estate investment. whether that’s A kitchen renovation, painting the building installing new roofs whatever you can do to improve the value and also increase rental income. when we do value add on our properties I’m really looking at first what I can do to that property to increase the rent because factories the rent I most likely am increasing the value of the property.


Having systems in your rental business is the only way it will run smoothly and also a guaranteed way to make more money. when you have the right systems your business is able to flow better in maximize its potential which in turn will give you a better return.

Thelonious C Jones 

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