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We, The Comfort Killers

It is super easy to get caught in the trap of keeping up with the outer world. I say trap because somewhere down the line you will have forgotten about the only world that matters, the inner.


I too am not spared – it takes irregular guts to consume what matters, sort out the wicked and negative, consciously make note of the good and reserve disputes. It’s a full-time job.

Last month, I turned in my papers at my full-time job as a Supervisor of Airports. I was just thinking about how the feeling of needing to go consumed me and powered all my moves towards the future. Do I have it planned out? No. Do I know what awaits for me tomorrow. Kinda. The photo is of Henry Thoreau, an American essayist and poet whose classic work, Walden was the boost for this article today, more specifically the following quote from Walden:

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary: new, universal and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or old laws will be expanded and interpreted in his favor in a more liberal sense, and he will live with license of a higher order of beings.

The past weeks have been truly inspiring to me. I have found that when I want peace, I look within. When things get too confusing, I also go within and when I look up – I have gained new consciousness. This article is about you, not me. But it is about how my company can help you achieve more. But first you have to identify and agree with the fact that you are due more. That you are owed and entitled to more. But this is where your old consciousness may differ from where I am now.

You Are Entitled to Everything In The Universe but The World Doesn’t Owe You A Thing!

Let’s break this down. Most are upset at the current state of the government. Heavy opinions are flying both ways – liberals, democrats, conservatives, GOP – everyone is up in arms about what they believe is right. The collective consciousness currently is choosing and identifying label that appears comfortable with your beliefs.

On twitter, Facebook, all social media – people are either into, out of, against, or for certain aspects of government. I am not into politics, I am into ethical behavior and personal growth on an spiritual level. That’s why I believe so much in self-improvement, and that’s why I wrote a book about the topic dearly. I wrote it because I was once wrapped up in what everyone else could do for me.

  1. The government. I remember when a stimulus check came in my mailbox in 2008 I was upset that it wasn’t more. I was dependent on the government making my ends meet.
  2. Wall Street
  3. Housing Market
  4. My employer
  5. My Family
  6. The Casino’s – looking for the BIG hit.

Everyone was at cause and I, like a marionette, was limited to the entropy effects of outwardly dependence. Then after raising my level of consciousness (the sum total of thoughts, beliefs and awareness) I was able to identify how I’ve been living a reactive life and not CLAIMING what was rightfully mine. I feel sad to know that many of us go through our entire lives giving up our power to create our own destinies.

Everywhere you look – the world is full of abundance and prosperity. But if you cannot see that, then you have to question what is your inner game like. What’s in the house? When we pray and wish and hope we are saying to ourselves that somewhere beyond the skies…God will appear and grant me some miracle. This may be hard to grasp. Maybe harder to believe: In the right consciousness, what appears to be miracles are natural happenings under divine laws.

The Laws You Seem To Not Question. 

Go ahead and question the law of gravity. The law is there to support you once you are living within it. People will argue about man made laws “Who is right, who is wrong” all day but will not for once question the laws of the universe. It’s because there is something divinely innate and specific about it. The principles are not seen but ingrained in our beliefs but yet, we question the law of abundance. The law of right action. The law of cause and effect. When these laws are not obeyed and results in misfortune and ‘bad breaks’ we lessen the blow by saying it’s what God wanted. It’s bad luck. It’s fate and destiny.

When we receive … we say it was rightfully deserved. It was earned. It was luck or it was a miracle!

Everything Begins With The Quality of Your Thoughts

I was naive before – I hadn’t finished Think and Grow Rich yet a few times I denounced it as solid work that helped me. I was naive and wrong in that thought and I apologize if you heard me say it. I will read it but it’s true. Let’s talk about the thought of competition which really doesn’t exist when you are in high consciousness. Think about it.

If you are breathing air, are you ever going to steal the air from others? Are other people really going to be starving for air because you have been breathing too much of it? How about the fish in the sea.. are they complaining that there isn’t enough water to go around? Competition is for suckers. The world is too abundant to compete. The only reason you are in competition is because you belief in lack and scarcity.

Each man on God’s green, in and outside of your universe can have a full pipeline of wealth, energy, health, love, compassion – you name it .. and it will not lessen your supply. Supply is endless when the quality of your thoughts are pure and your consciousness is high. There would be no need to be jealous of the next man or trying to acquire things to appear better positioned than you are.

You have got to let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors if you want to be set free.

You don’t have to have an opinion.

You don’t have to bleed.

You don’t have to force creativity. There’s really an endless supply of creative flow if you are aligned. The question then becomes. Are you? and Do you want to be?


Don’t forget to download a free copy of my eBook: 3 Simple Secrets to Success and Join The Comfort Killers for more teachings about life, business and love!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross


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