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In October 2016 I set out on a mission to interview as many entrepreneurs that I can. I wanted to capture the essence of the community that lit fire in my ass. I was thumbing through Twitter one evening and stopped at a video Nick Brockmeyer published on the site. He basically stated in video that if you aren’t ready to change the world, he has no time for you.

I absolutely loved that because that’s exactly where I was on my journey. Disconnecting and moving on from those that didn’t want to create impact. I quickly asked him for his phone number and if it were okay to do an interview. We set everything up and I was on my way to Cleveland OH.

My goal: Find out what this kid is doing and share it to the audience I was building.

What happened: Exactly that, but it wasn’t in the form of me interviewing Nick. It was in the form of me interviewing people that has been affected by an epidemic that has forever changed the landscape of the city they called home.

The day before I left for Cleveland, I was asked to speak at the Hispanic Fund, a foundation in the belly of the community providing an outlet for change, education, unity and progress.

Now, not only am I totally turned upside down on my original thought – I was to speak in front of doctors, community leaders, attorneys, entrepreneurs, council men and women. I was totally nervous because it would be my FIRST speaking engagement.

But this wasn’t about me as I would soon learn from the moment I stepped foot in Ohio. This documentary, What I Want to Say to Lorain is about bringing a voice to the community. It is about the sons, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, and daughters that have died from this heroin overdose and addiction. It’s about the possible solutions of lesser dependent prescription drugs that could have saved them. It’s about opening the doors for conversation and discussion around what’s NOT working. It’s about rebuilding a city that people love and refuse to leave.

Lorain can be anywhere. This documentary is What I Want to Say to Lorain

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