What If You Went To Church And Your Pastor Said This….

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Parchelle, a business counterpart of mine travels to Philadelphia from San Diego once a month. Usually if we both have time on our calendar we would meet for coffee, tea or food and talk about who inspires us and techniques to move us closer to our goals. 


In one of our meetings Parchelle told me about a pastor from the 70s that was just KILLING it! He was not just preaching to his congregation he was giving them treatments that’ll raise their self awareness, self-image and self respect. He corrected the statement in the bible from: the love of money is the root of all evil to the LACK of money is the root of all evil. 

He had visualization sessions, taught people how to meditate and find the God within not the God up there somewhere on vacation. He taught people how to get off welfare and how to take responsibility in their lives. He talks about the importance of money and how to stop thinking negatively about it. He taught his congregation how to stop working for money and instead, get money to work for them. 

He teaches meditation, higher self, positive self talk, positive self-image, how money works, law of attraction and a slew of things you just will NOT hear in your everyday church especially in the 70s. See, it is believed that the pastor should be poor and walk around among the people in poverty. The moment the pastor has the cadillac, rolls royce, benz or bentley – you look at him funny as if he is doing something that God doesn’t want. 

Don’t get me wrong – lots of pastors went down for scams and schemes within their organization but what is wrong with carrying with you an abundance language and sharing information on how to get it! What I don’t get is that it’s okay for certain people to say it but as soon as it touches the wrong demographic …it’s the worst thing known to man!

But Reverend Ike has me hooked. I listen to his stuff like I am listening to an audiobook for self improvement. I listen to his sermon like I am in a seminar that I paid thousands for. 

Check out Reverend Ike and ask yourself …what if you went to church and your pastor said this…..

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