Which Of These People Do NOT Want You To Succeed

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Would you agree that success is any man’s game? Would you agree that it is your birthright to succeed at anything you set out to do? I agree with both statements and for that purpose, I want to share something about the people who do NOT want to see you succeed because there are many. 


I don’t care how you define success. For the purposes of this article success is defined as achievement of a desired outcome. The people in your life that you believe is against you…are. The people that you are fighting to prove something to …don’t care. The people that you feel deserves to get the shaft by your glowing success shouldn’t be the ones that matter. 

The ONLY person that you should deliver a constant stream of proof to is yourself. Yes. Yourself. 

This isn’t an article to tell you how to spit in the face of your haters. The fact is, some people will like you and others won’t ..no matter what. The fact is, you will face criticism for just about anything you do, especially if what you set out to do is change your world. Another fact to point out is, there will never be another person like you, with the same intentions, purpose and goals like you have. 

The only person you need to worry about is yourself. The only person you need to show off and prove something to is yourself. And, the only person that you should level up on is YOU. 

Here’s my training video to teach you how to: 

  1. Cut the bullshit and move on
  2. Get over your fears and move on
  3. Confront your failures and move on
  4. Leave your scumbag friends alone and move on
  5. Read books and move on

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross – Chief Nothing to Prove to You Officer

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