Load Up And Maximize Your Schedule

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The best tip that I have learned in the last few years is the need to load up your schedule as much as possible. This went against the advice from my family and much of society.


We are told to “relax and enjoy ourselves.” The message comes from commercials, movies, and TV. We are told to “work for the weekend.”

But here is the thing – 5/7 of life is not “the weekend.” Do you want to waste 5/7 of your life long for the other 2/7? What a sad way to live!

I learned that life is meant to be lived. I wasn’t satisfied with just sitting around and watching TV. I wanted to have a strong purpose. Purpose is what drives us. We are all meant to have a legacy. What do you want to leave behind?
In fact, I enjoyed myself more when I was busy. I got to meet more people and experience more of life.

So here is my challenge to you. For the next 30 days say “Yes” to every opportunity no matter how small or how difficult. Write down you opportunities. I promise that they will stack up.

You will thank me.

James Flanagan

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